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Best Apple Watch Accessories for 2018

We've said it once, and we'll repeat it till we’re blue in the face. Accessories can give the mundane, pizzazz. And while we'll always appreciate an unadorned piece of technology like the Apple Watch— this year’s trends are all about finding a custom look for your new found friend – your watch I mean.

#5 The Ifopia Skins

apple watch accessory skinAre you bored looking at the Silver or gold color of your watch? Well if so look no farther than Ifopia. The firm can provide you with a skin to end all skins. You can transform your watch into with a leopard, camouflage or flowers and they even have a snake skin skin if you are feeling slithery. Some care should be used when applying the skin but full instructions are available in the Ifopia YouTube channel.


#4 Batik Bands

batik apple watch bandIf you want cool! Look no further. The Batik covered leather apple watch band will really make a statement. Hand made in the traditional technique in France these Batik apple watch bands are a great way to make the apple watch your own. The bands come in a range of exotic colors and are printed on cotton but with a leather core. Since each one is made from one piece of cloth no two bands are exactly the same even if they are from the same cloth.

#3 Legend Cases

apple watch accessory caseClearly, if price is absolutely no object then there really is no other place to go to other than Legend. The Finnish luxury accessory brand has the tempo line for Apple Watches. Here you can customize your apple watch case in gold, rose gold or platinum plating or even solid 18-carat gold as well as have it custom engraved by hand. You can see there is no end of the cool designs you can have your watch case engraved with, it’s limited only by your imagination and possibly your wallet.

#2 K Designs Jewelry Bands

jewelry bandsOn the other hand, if you want to look classy without breaking the bank, another outstanding Apple Watch band option are those made by K Designs. The maker and founder Kaz Noyes struggled to find an Apple Watch strap that expressed her personality so since was already a jewelry maker she decided to make her own. The result is an excellent line of jewelry inspired bands incorporating turquoise, pearls, crystal beads or a combination of those. The look bands are entirely unique and inspiring.

#1 Olbia Watch Charms

apple watch charmFinally, we think if you want to stick with the traditional band but want to add some class of pure silver. Look no further than our own line of apple watch charms. The charms fit any of the original or Nike bands and come in a variety of patterns and charm types. They can even be customized in pure gold if you like. The charms allow you to keep the durability of the band while at the same time allowing you to customize the look of your Apple Watch. They are truly a bend of personality, class, and bling for your iWatch

Well, there you have it! Our list of the Best Apple Watch accessories for 2018! Don’t forget to sign up to receive our blog and get exclusive discount throughout 2018 and beyond!

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