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Top Jewelry Sets Under $100

Let’s face facts when you're looking to transform your look sometimes you might want the security of a matching set. After all, when you choosing a direction don't you want to go all in and not half or partially baked? On top of that when you make a statement you don't want to mix messages with uncoordinated accessories. In such case, we have your back with our top coordinated sterling silver jewelry sets all under $100.

jewelry sets

Number 3

Aura of Water Jewelry Set

One way to transform your look is with the Aura of Water swirl design. This set from the Neolithic collection includes a leather pendant necklace, ring, earrings, and bracelet. Whether you choose two, three or four pieces of the jewelry set this swirl design is a definite anecdote for being invisible.


labyrinth jewelry set

Number 2



Labyrinth Jewelry Set

The second way we can recommend to look hip is the Labyrinth set. The set also from the Neolithic collection includes a black leather statement necklace, earrings, bracelet, and rings. You will be sure to make an impression whenever and however you decide to sport this set even with only two pieces of the jewelry set.



Number 1

circle of life jewelry set under $100

Circle of Life Jewelry Set

The most popular way we can offer is the Circle of Life Set. This is the number one sales leader from our site and has been a hit since we have just initially released the latest new collection from House of Gelonia. The historically inspired circular designed jewelry set should allow you to look good wearing just about anything from an LBD to a button-down and jeans.


There you have it! Sterling silver plated style that won't break the bank all under $100. Break the boredom without breaking the bank.

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