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Valentine's Day Gift When She Doesn't Like Bling

No-Bling-InfographicTick-tock, it's almost here and you need that last-minute Valentine's Day gift and it needs to be something that will show you how much you care. While there is the usual mundane and cheap options of chocolate, dinner or flowers, you want to get something nice, and what better way with a gift of jewelry. But jewelry is complicated when she doesn't like the bling. Wading through those shark-invested waters with a gift of jewelry might seem overly treacherous but there are solutions that make a balance of taste, cost and sentiment.

Just as there are a host of relationship types, there is a panorama of jewelry and price ranges that can be maneuvered to match her taste, your budget and your relationship status. No need to spend a mint when she's not really into big tacky rings. You can find great solid gold rings with non traditional stones such as tanzanite, pearls or even black diamonds. When the stones are small (which is what many modern women appreciate anyway) the prices are affordable and your not forgoing rent money to buy something nice.

For the modern urbanista she's probably going to prefer something discrete like a dainty ring, with minimalist design. With stacking rings you can go easy on the budget yet buy another matching or contrasting ring as a gift later in the year without breaking the bank. Finally if your really not sure, our fail-safe advice is reach out to one of her friends and ask them what type of ring she would like. Women usually have an idea what their friends would like.

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