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Trypillian Circle Earrings

Trypillian Circle Earrings
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House of Gelonia

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Do you want to be unforgettable?  We bet you do!

Walk straight out of time with these earrings. The earrings are plated in sterling silver and will earn you compliments each and every time you wear them.

Treat yourself or gift them to someone you love!

The earrings are silver plated and compliment your style with 925 shine.

Product Specifications

  • Diameter: 2 inches 
  • Type: Hook Wire
  • Plated 925 Sterling Silver (all metal elements)

Trypillian Circle Set

Trypillian circle set was inspired by the eastern European Trypillian civilization.  The copper age civilization was equalitarian and were the European contemporaries of the Mesopotamians.  They were some of the first to use tokens as a means of exchange. This set is inspired by the artifacts and jewelry found in archeologic digs of the culture.  The entire set includes a ring, bracelet as well as these earrings and handcrafted in LIMITED QUANTITIES. Get your piece of history NOW.

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