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Labyrinth Earrings
Labyrinth Earrings
Labyrinth Earrings

Labyrinth Earrings
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Labyrinth neolithic style earrings can transform your look from the mundane to something special. The earrings are plated in sterling silver and will earn you compliments each and every time you wear them.

The earrings are silver plated and compliments your style with 925 shine.

Length of Earrings: about  2 inches

Width of Earrings: 3/4 inch


Labyrinth Set Pattern

The pattern of labyrinth was inspired by the eternal path chosen by man. Every day as we make our way we change our destiny and the fate of those around us. In a labyrinth one always strives to find the exit, when achieving that goal will mean the end and interest disappears. This pushes to the thought that one should appreciate and love life at this moment, now, and not just live with future goals, dreams without enjoying the simple joys along the way.

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